Catia Paoli: a luxurious experience in every space

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Catia Paoli Design's Collection

Our fine collection of accessories is designed to create unique and elegant living spaces.
Our goal is to enhance the vision, the choices and the taste of our clients by optimizing the interior of their yacht or home with tailor-made solutions.
Fabrics, leathers, stitching, upholstery and furnishing accessories as table sets, bed and table linens are the subject of careful study.

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Marbled Collection

The Marbled Collection is our most exclusive and sophisticated creation, which combines different materials such as fabrics, wood and the precious marble.
This collection features finely crafted objects made from premium marble with unique colors and patterns, and offers a unique way to experience one of the most beautiful and noble materials the Earth has given us.
Discover the beauty of marble in a new light and transform your living space with our refined collection.

Via L. Cherubini, 10/R – 17100, Savona (IT)
Telephone: +39 366 477 3135