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The areas of my work are very broad. From finishing rooms with innovative carpeting to upholstery, truly amazing both for the textures signed by great artists and for the hand-finished customization. A long research led us to select suppliers of current and vintage fabrics, never trivial and always perfectly declinable on curtains or on vintage or modern chairs, to be revisited, as well as on upholstery designed ad hoc. A truly remarkable added value, where collaborations with master craftsmen and creative workshops make it possible to achieve the highest and most detailed customization for every living need.


  • Housing renovations
  • Custom housing projects
  • Management of luxury design projects
  • Interior and exterior solutions
  • Specific technical solutions
  • Upholstery for luxury homes
  • Supply of classic, technical and automated curtains
  • Home automation installations
  • Custom furniture and renovations
  • Accessories for fine furniture¬†
  • High-quality custom-made linens


  • Luxury marble supply and finishing
  • Marble wall coverings
  • Marble accessories and furnishings
  • Lightweight marbles for specific uses

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Via L. Cherubini, 10/R
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